• Our Story

    There are 2892 miles across the continguous United States. Each of these miles symbolizes stories of the relationship between people and land that have been mistold, misrepresented, or omitted. 2892 Miles to Go is a social justice education program centered on amplifying local community stories about justice, race, and equity that are often left out of common narratives of human history. Our hope is to become the antidote to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's eloquent definition of "The Danger of a Single Story" by holding space for and elevating the stories of many.


    Through the support of the National Geographic Society, 2892 provides opportunities for youth storytellers to collaborate with local leaders, educators, activists, advocates, and change-makers to reclaim community histories and stories together. Through this work, our hope is to contribute to the creation of more informed, empathic, and united communities. We seek to rebalance the imbalance of the kinds of stories and histories that have been available across the education landscape in order to shift the learning experiences of the young people who will inherit this land.


    Each one us us takes up space on land that is rich with history, culture, and wisdom. We believe all of us owe it to those who came before us to learn and those who will come after us to contribute.


    Explore our growing collection of storymaps, resources, media, and rich content created by collaboratives of young storytellers, educators, and local partners by clicking on the interactive map below (it may take a minute to load after clicking, then feel free to scroll and explore!).

  • Where Are We Going Next?

  • Denver

    The 2892 Denver Youth Storytellers will develop "activist profiles" using ArcGIS StoryMaps software after exploring various issues facing their community and organizing collectively to address them in partnership with the Young African American & Latinx Leaders program.

  • Bakersfield

    The 2892 Bakersfield Youth Storytellers will uncover local narratives that tell stories of environmental injustices facing their community in partnership with California State University Bakersfield and the Cesar Chavez Foundation.

  • Toledo

    The 2892 Toledo Youth Research Fellows will gain experience sourcing primary resources and collecting oral histories related to local LGBTQ+ community in the northwest Ohio region in partership with the Gay Ohio History Iniative.

  • Minnesota

    The 2892 Minnesota Youth Storytellers will explore community narratives through place-based narrative inquiry.

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    2892 Tulsa Lead Educator Michael Carter, Lead Storyteller Kristi Orisabiyi Williams & Lead Educator Endya Carr.

  • Support Our Work

    2892 Miles To Go is building a movement of community-led storytelling and place-based education rooted in social justice. Our work is funded in part by our community.


    We operate under the fiscal sponsorship of the Bluegrass Community Foundation which is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). Please support our efforts to expand our work as we continue our journey of reclaiming miles of stories and walking those miles hand-in-hand with young people everywhere.